This is the first post! Eventually I will be posting information about my Amateur radio gear.

Currently hold a General license. Planning on going for extra in the next month or so.

My Technique

Spent 4-5 days studying for my Tech license and 7 days for General.


  • Purchase mobile app. Easly worth the $3.99 price.
  • Watched Youtube videos that read and answered each question
  • After each sub-element, paused the video. Ran through the questions in study mode until I saw 100% on HamStudy. Usually around 12 questions, so about 5 minutes of video, with 2-3 minutes of studying, per sub element.
  • At the end of the element completed another round of studying till I felt pretty good about the section. About 5-10 minutes.
  • Moved to the next element video. Focused on completing 2-3 sections a day, not back to back.
  • In my ‘spare’ time drilled studying the questions, usually in 2-5 minutes chunks. Only focusing on elements completed. Estimate 30-60 minutes through out the day.
  • Every day took a practice test to see my progress.
  • Used the AARL handbooks to augment trouble spots.